Friday, December 2, 2011

The Goal is 110!

Christmas is fast approaching and everyone is feeling the spirit of giving. I know that times are rough right now and most people barely have enough to get presents for their loved ones, so I've come up with a way to give on a budget! Many already know that someone very close to me suffers from problems with addiction. I have got to meet a lot of amazing, humbling people along the journey with him. There is a rehab that is run by former addicts and is a non-profit. They do this to make it affordable to those that don't have the means to go to an expensive rehab. There are no doctors or therapists there, but yet the relapse rate is lower than most places. I believe this is because the people at the rehab are driven by their will to get better and the love and support given by fellow addicts and family. Holidays are a rough time for those in rehab and I thought it would be amazing to write them notes/letters of encouragement
and hope. Unfortunately, addiction has become so prevalent that most people know someone close to them suffering from some type of addiction or are/have suffered from addiction
themselves. I challenge you to write a letter to these great guys. If you have kids, get them involved in drawing them a Christmas picture too. It doesn't take long and doesn't cost a penny! I KNOW that these letters will touch their hearts immensely. I can't stress how much it means to them to know others care about them! There are 11 guys at the rehab and my goal is to provide them with 10 letters each. I need the letters by no later than December 22nd, so they can be delivered by Christmas eve. You can hand write them and I can pick them up or you can email them to and I will print them out.

As I stated previously, these guys don'
t have a lot of money and in my experience with them I learned that most don't own nice clothes. It is difficult for them once they get out of rehab to go to job interviews because they don't have the proper clothing. I am planning on getting 11 ties to go with the letters and make a Christmas package. If you want to help out with the ties as well that would be great!

Let's remember to keep in mind those that are having a difficult time! I have seen amazing things happen and people transform when they know there are people out there that love and support them. Lets reach the goal of 110 notes/letters to lift their spirits! Thank you so much everyone, I have been amazed at the amount of people always willing to help out!

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